Is 154cm A Good Knife Steel? (What Makes It Superior)

Good things come and stay. Steel is no exception and if a good brand is produced it will last for a long time even when other better brands are produced.

154cm is a good example of this. The steel has been around for a long time since 1959 when it was developed.

It is popular high-end steel and if you have been out looking for high-quality knives you must have come across one of these.

So how are the knives? Is the quality as good as it is famous? Well, find out more as you read along.

What is 154cm Steel?

154cm steel is a high range of quality steel manufactured by Crucible Industries in the United States. 154cm stands for 15% Chromium and 4% Molybdenum. The steel is a modified version of martensitic stainless 440C steel that has been improvised by the addition of Molybdenum making it harder. It is used in various applications like in the making of cutlery, hunting knives, heavy-duty knives, and bearings.

Composition of 154cm steel

Steel is an alloy of Iron and Carbon but different elements are added to it to improve its functionality and make it work better. For 154cm steel, the elements include:

Carbon at 1.05% – Carbon enhances the hardness of steel and its resistance to wear and corrosion but large amounts of it reduce the strength.

Chromium at 15% – Chromium adds to the edge retention, strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Molybdenum at 4% – Molybdenum enhances strength, harden-ability, toughness, machinability, and strength.

Manganese at 0.5% – Manganese improves hardness and grind-ability.

Silicon at 0.8% – Silicon enhances the strength of steel.

Phosphorus at 0.03% – Phosphorus improves the strength.

Sulfur at 0.03% – Sulfur adds machinability.

Vanadium at 0.4% – Vanadium enhances tensile strength, wear resistance, and hardenability.

Tungsten at 0.4% – Tungsten increases the corrosion and wear resistance while also enhancing hardness.

154cm steel hardness

154cm steel has a Rockwell hardness of maximum 61HRC giving it really high hardness.

Is 154cm steel stainless?

154cm steel is stainless. This is due to the high percentage of Chromium in it.

Stainless steel must have at least 10.5% Chromium for it to be stainless and for 154cm steel, the Chromium is 15%.

Does 154cm steel rust?

154cm steel does not rust. High Chromium in steel raises the corrosion resistance levels making it harder for it to rust. Also, the fact that it is stainless means that it’s rust-free and can be used in humid environments or salty water.

Properties of 154cm steel

The composition of 154cm determines how well it fairs as a blade. The quantities of its components raise the quality and functionality of a blade.

Here are it’s properties:

Edge Retention

Having a high hardness of 61HRC, 154cm steel can hold an edge very well hence having great edge retention.

Corrosion Resistance

High Chromium levels in the steel give it very good corrosion resistance and it can last long even in wet environments.

Wear Resistance

It has great resistance to wear that gives it the ability to withstand a lot of hard use.


The hardness of steel determines its sharpness and the harder the steel the harder it is to sharpen. For 154cm steel, however, sharpening is easier in comparison to other steels in the same high-end range.


The steel does not have good machinability because it is not easy to machine or grind.


154cm steel is very tough which is another good quality.

Is 154CM steel good for knives?

154cm steel is good for knives and it’s popular steel for many knife makers. It is used in the making of high-end knives from kitchen knives to hunting knives, fishing knives, and every day carries knives.

The steel is really good and it offers blades great corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and to top it all, it’s very easy to sharpen.

154cm steel comparisons

154cm is ranked as high-end steel with other high range quality steels. If you would like to know how it fares in comparison with some of these steels, here’s a brief overview of their properties.

440C steel – when it comes to 440C, 154cm is an improvement of the steel. Although 440C is easier to sharpen because it’s softer, 154cm steel is tougher, harder, and offers better edge retention.

CPM 154 steel – These two may be confused but CPM 154 is the powder version of 154cm that is purer, easier to grind, and to work with compared to 154cm. 154cm is tougher and has better corrosion resistance while CPM 154 has better edge retention.

S30V steel – S30V steel has better edge retention, corrosion resistance, and toughness compared to 154cm but both steels have similar ease of sharpening.

Other steel comparisons are;

VG has better corrosion resistance, edge retention, and is easier to sharpen compared to 154cm.

D2 steel and 1095, which have more toughness compared to 154cm but 154cm has better edge retention and corrosion resistance.


154cm steel is great quality steel for knives and you should get one if you were thinking of doing so or if you need some good quality knife for your collection.

The knives are great for heavy cutting and they have better edge retention than most. They can be used as EDC knives, for hunting, diving, and kitchen use.

The knives have great corrosion resistance and wear resistance making them last for long no matter which kind of work they are meant to do. They sharpen easily and can attain razor sharpness even by the use of cheap sharpening stones.

What makes the steel stand out more is the great balance of the three most essential aspects of steel: hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance. Mostly when getting a knife, you will have to compromise on one factor so as to get the other two as all three properties do not usually come together.

154cm stainless steel is superior steel and you can purchase these knives without worries of quality, maintenance, or functionality. They are that good.

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