What Is 7cr17mov? How Good Is It?

Steel is an alloy of Iron and Carbon containing additions of various components that are added to it at varying percentages depending on the desired outcome of the steel.

Some of the components added to steel are Chromium, Manganese, Silicon, Sulfur, Phosphorus, and others. They improve the quality of steel and provide it with good properties like more strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and even machinability.

In your search for knives, you may have come across the 7cr17MoV steel. It’s used in knives, shafts, valves, and other tools that require good corrosion resistance.

If you are curious and would like to find out more about this steel, well, keep reading. I will share more details about its composition, properties, a similar type of steel, and how good it is.

What is 7cr17mov steel?

7cr17MoV steel is a Chinese made martensitic type of steel. It’s a low-end blade that is designed to be budget-friendly. 7Cr17mov is currently being designed as 68Cr17 steel so if you come across one it’s the same kind. It has more vanadium content than most steels which increases its strength and toughness. It also has very great corrosion resistance because of the high amounts of Chromium in it. The steel is good for everyday carry knives and kitchen knives.

Composition of 7cr17mov steel

Carbon at 0.75% – Carbon enhances the hardness and corrosion & wear resistance, but lowers the strength when in high quantities.

Chromium at 18% – Chromium increases the strength and edge retention while enhancing corrosion and wear resistance.

Manganese at 1% – Manganese improves the hardness and brittleness of steel.

Silicon at 1% – Silicon increases strength.

Molybdenum at 0.75% – Molybdenum enhances strength and machinability.

Nitrogen at 0.6% – Nitrogen increases edge retention and the strength of steel.

Phosphorus at 0.04% – Phosphorus enhances strength.

Sulfur at 0.04% – Sulfur increases the machinability.

7cr17mov steel hardness

The Rockwell scale shows how hard steel really is. The harder the steel is, the better it is at holding an edge but the more brittle it is and sharpening it becomes more difficult.

The Rockwell hardness of 7cr17mov steel is at 58 – 60HRC.

Is 7cr17mov steel stainless?

7cr17mov steel is stainless. This is because of its Chromium content.

It contains high Chromium levels at 18%. For steel to be stainless, it requires above 10.5% Chromium.

Properties of 7cr17mov steel

The components that make up steel and their amounts will determine how well it performs. 7cr17mov steel has the following properties based on the components in it:

Edge Retention

7Cr17mov does not hold an edge very well but it can still hold an edge so its edge retention is just okay and not so great.

Corrosion Resistance

The steel has very high Chromium levels which give it great corrosion resistance.

Wear Resistance

7Cr17mov steel has good wear resistance because of the good amounts of carbon it has.


7Cr17mov steel is easy to sharpen because it’s not very hard.


The toughness is not the best. The steel is not very tough but it’s okay.

Is 7cr17mov steel good for knives?

7Cr17mov steel is good though not very great. You can find better low-range knives if you look around. However, for a knife of its price, it still works well and can make for a good knife in the kitchen, hunting and camping companion, and an EDC (Everyday Carry) as well. The knife doesn’t hold an edge too well and it may need sharpening now and then.

It will still come with other good functionalities like good corrosion and wear resistance, easy sharpening, and good toughness quality.

7cr17mov steel comparison

When it comes to comparisons, the 7Cr17mov is mostly compared to 440A steel. This is because the two are very similar in more ways than one.

Their composition is almost the same, they have very good corrosion resistance, toughness quality, they sharpen easily, they are both stainless, and they are also low-end steels with a similar price range.


The 7Cr17mov steel is low-end steel but many people own one because the knife is durable and can last long. It is cheap but will still offer great corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and it is very easy to sharpen.

Being China made should not discourage you from getting one because the steel serves it’s purpose quite well. However, you may have to do some little work to maintain it like regular cleaning and oiling of the blade.

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