What is 9Cr18Mov? (Details Guide)

Different steel types exist in the market. Heard of the 9CR18Mov stainless steel? Today we focus on all you might need to know about it (its pros, cons, chemical composition, uses, etc.)

What is 9Cr18Mov?

The 9Cr18Mov is a high carbon stainless steel. It forms part of the high-end steel and is made through heat treatment. It is an upgraded version of the 440B stainless steel.

Chemical Components of the 9Cr18Mov Steel

The 9Cr18Mov steel contains the following chemical elements:

  1. Carbon
  2. Vanadium
  3. Sulfur
  4. Nitrogen
  5. Chromium
  6. Molybdenum
  7. Manganese
  8. Silicon
  9. Phosphorous

Functions of the 9Cr18Mov Chemical Elements

1. Carbon

The 9Cr18Mov has a high carbon content of 0.95%. The carbon is responsible for the wearing resistance in the steel. Moreover, it adds to its hardness and corrosion resistance.

2. Sulfur

Sulfur has the least composition of 0.03%. Sulfur increases the machinability of the 9Cr18Mov steel. (The ease at which a metal can be cut during the making of tools)

3. Chromium

Chromium has the highest percentage (18%) in the 9Cr18Mov steel. Chromium accounts for the corrosion resistance of the steel. Additionally, it increases the wearing resistance, edge retention, and tensile strength of the steel.

4. Nitrogen

Nitrogen makes the 9Cr18Mov steel stronger and increases its ability to retain its edge capacity. Nitrogen accounts for 0.60% of the 9cr18Mov steel.

5. Molybdenum

Molybdenum has a 1.3% in the 9Cr18Mov steel. Just like sulfur, molybdenum enhances the machinability of the steel. It also increases its strength (the ability to resist breakage and fracture)

6. Phosphorous

Phosphorous takes up 0.04% of the 9Cr18Mov steel and it enhances the tensile strength of the steel.

7. Manganese

It has a 0.80% composition which adds to the hardness of the steel.

8. Vanadium

Vanadium increases the hardenability and wearing resistance of the 9Cr18Mov steel. It has a percentage of 0.12%.

  • The hardenability of a metal is the hardness acquired during heat treatment.

9. Silicon

Silicon has the same composition as manganese of 0.80%. It increases the strength of the 9Cr18Mov steel.

Properties of the 9Cr18M0v Steel

The chemical elements in steel determine both their physical and chemical qualities. We now focus on the qualities of the 9Cr18Mov steel.

The corrosion resistance

The 9Cr18Mov steel has high corrosion resistance. Chromium is responsible for the corrosion resistance in metals. Therefore, the high percentage (18%) in the 9Cr18Mov steel results in high corrosion resistance.

Edge retention

The chromium and nitrogen constituents in the 9Cr18Mov steel ensure that it maintains its edge retention. Therefore, tools made from 9Cr18Mov steel can perform many tasks without going blunt.

Ease of sharpening

The 9Cr18Mov steel is not easy to sharpen. The carbon content in metals determines their hardness.

The high carbon content in this steel makes it very hard hence reducing the ease to sharpen it.

The wearing resistance

Carbon is responsible for the wear resistance in elements. The 9Cr18Mov steel is high carbon steel hence it has great wear resistance. Chromium and vanadium also add to its wear resistance.


The hardness of the 9Cr18Mov steel ranges from 58-60HRC (Rockwell Hardness). The hardness will be determined by the temperature it is subjected to during heat treatment.


The low manganese and nickel contents are the only responsible elements for its toughness. Additionally, the high carbon content in the 9Cr18Mov steel reduces its toughness.

Therefore, it is not a very tough material (It cannot withstand too much force and pressure)

Advantages of the 9Cr18Mov Steel

  • It is stainless steel. It will not easily rust when exposed to corrosive elements such as acids.
  • It is affordable.
  • It can handle multiple tasks without wearing out.
  • It retains its sharpness for a long time.

Uses of the 9Cr18Mov Steel

The 9Cr18Mov steel has great qualities that make it a perfect fit for making different tools. It is therefore used in making surgical equipment, knives, cutlery, mechanical cutting tools, etc.

Is the 9Cr18Mov Steel Good for knives?

The 9Cr18Mov is a good steel for knife making. It has the essential qualities required for knives: edge retention, corrosion resistance, wear resistance just to mention but a few. It can be used in making most knife types for example kitchen knives and outdoor knives.

Its only downsides are its toughness and difficulty in sharpening. However, this does not mean it cannot be sharpened at all. 

The Final Say

The type of steel greatly determines the quality of the tool made. When we talk about the 9Cr18Mov steel, it makes a great steel tool. Not only is it good for knife users but also other people in the tool-making industry.

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