11 Best Electric Fillet Knife

You can effortlessly fillet a large haul of fish using an electric fillet knife. Unlike regular fillet knives, the electric models are equipped with powerful motors that will simplify your work.

To add to this, these knives have durably built blades that will allow you to slice through fish with minimal exertion.

Also, they have ergonomically designed handles that will provide you with maximum comfort, and at the same time, prevent slippage.

Our review list covers both corded and cordless electric fillet knives in great detail.

Moreover, some of the knives have dual power systems in that they can run on either AC or DC, so ensure that you pick the knife that best suits your needs.

11 Best Electric Fillet Knife

Our Top Pick: Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife

Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle, 4...
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inch handle length, 8 feet power cord and weighs 1.11 pounds
  • Ease of use: Non-slip grip handle for outstanding grip security providing ultimate knife control with a trigger guard for added security

We highly recommend this electric fillet knife to fishermen and other users because it is efficient, easy to work with, and also has a long list of features that will completely change how you fillet your fish.

Best of all, it is designed with your safety and comfort in mind, making it an excellent option for amateurs and professionals.

The good thing about this knife is that it is exceptionally versatile and is, therefore, ideal for filleting all sizes of fish, so it won’t matter whether the fish that you are prepping is large or small, this knife will get the job done within the shortest time possible.

Upon purchase, you will get a 12″ E-stiff, 9″ E-Flex, 9″ E-Stiff, and 7″ E-Flex blades that you can use in different scenarios.

All the blades are precision-sharpened and will allow you to cut close to the bone without damaging the fish.

Plus, they are easy to attach and detach, so you can switch from one blade to another at will.

The blades are expertly engineered and are also coated to prevent corrosion, meaning they won’t stain or rust over time.

In addition to this, the handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and is also textured to give you a secure grip. Besides, the grip area is contoured to minimize fatigue even when filleting for long hours.

Attached to the handle is an 8′ power cord that allows for easy maneuverability when making cuts.

To add to this, the trigger switch is strategically placed to give users quick and easy access while the motor compartment is fitted with vent holes to maximize heat dissipation.

As such, the motor will run cooler, thus preventing damage to the circuitry system. To top it all up, the knife comes with a durable carrying bag that is compartmentalized for convenient storage.


  • Powerful motor
  • Dual-rivet blade design
  • Efficient


  • The gears are prone to wear

Best for Filleting Large Fish: Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala presents you with a high-performance knife that will simplify all filleting tasks for you.

According to the manufacturer, this knife is up to three times more powerful compared to most electric fillet knives in its class.

It doesn’t end there, the motor runs two times faster, so you can rest easy knowing that this tool won’t fail you provided that you use it correctly.

This knife uses the reciprocating technique when cutting through fish, meaning the gears push and pull the blade multiple times to get the desired cuts.

The motor is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure that users get a machine that they can count on in all scenarios. It packs a lot of power and will enable you to slice through fish with the utmost ease.

In fact, this knife can also cut through the backbones and rib bones of fish, thus making it even more efficient.

The 7.5″ blade is not only serrated but is also mercilessly sharp. It will provide you with clean cuts when filleting large, small, or medium-sized fish.

This knife will deliver professional-grade results in all cutting applications, so it is an option that is worth adding to your filleting kit.

The handle is conveniently contoured and is also fitted with a large trigger switch that is equally non-slip.

Like the knife before it, the housing is of the motor is vented to prevent the components from heating up during usage.


  • Has a safety button
  • The handle dampens vibrations
  • Comfortable grip


  • The power cord may be a bit stiff during the first usage

Best High-End: American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

No products found.

As a brand, American Angler is known for making high-quality filleting knives, and this particular model is no different.

It features a heavy-duty motor that will provide you with more torque, allowing for smooth and effortless filleting.

The knife comes with different types of blades that you can use when preparing both large and small fish. And the fact that the blades are crafted from stainless steel makes them even more durable since they won’t rust.

Additionally, the knife has a reliable gear system that allows the attached blade to move with ease when processing the fish.

And like most electric filleting knives, it uses the two-blade technique for enhanced performance.

The handle has a flow body design, which helps in dampening the vibrations that are generated by the motor. That way, you will always have full control over the blade when making maneuvers.

With this knife, you can fillet a large haul of fish without causing any damage to the motor. This is because the handle is designed in such a way that air can flow in and out of the motor housing, resulting in an instant cooling effect.

The blades are designed with non-slip grip points that will make your work easier when attaching the blade that you intend to use.


  • Durable
  • Long power cord
  • Comes with safety gloves


  • A bit expensive compared to most electric fillet knives in the market

Best Budget Buy: Mister Twister EFILM 120V Electric Knife

If you are on a tight budget, the EFILM by Mister Twister may just be the right knife for you.

It has great features and is equally easy to use, thanks to its straightforward design. This knife is fitted with a powerful motor that allows users to fillet with minimal exertion.

Not just that, it features a strongly built gear system that delivers power directly to the blade, thus maximizing your overall performance.

Furthermore, the knife has a lightweight design, so it won’t slow you down when you are working. This makes it a suitable option for tackling large tasks.

The materials used in the construction are of good quality, so the knife won’t malfunction as long as it is used correctly.

More to this, the handle is designed with an easy-to-use blade release system that will allow you to detach or attach the blade in a matter of seconds.

There is also a safety lock that prevents accidental powering of the motor when the knife is not in use. The blade offers great edge retention and is also resistant to corrosion.

Also, the trigger switch is placed within your reach, so you can power up the motor without losing your grip.


  • Reliable
  • Favorable price
  • Good quality


  • Likely to overheat when used continuously

Best Cordless: Bubba-1095705 Cordless Electric Fillet

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip...
  • Dimensions: 8.5” handle length and weighs 1.11 pounds
  • Ease of use: Non-slip grip handle for outstanding grip security providing ultimate knife control with a trigger guard for added security

The Bubba-1095705 has the same features as the first knife on the list, but the only difference is that it is cordless.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it is less powerful or inefficient. As a matter of fact, it is the most reviewed electric fillet knife in our review list and is also a favorite among fishermen due to its efficiency and versatility.

It comes with four stainless steel blades that you can swap according to the type and size of fish that you are filleting.

The blades are highly resistant to corrosion and also offer superior edge retention. This means you can use them multiple times without sharpening the cutting edge.

Moreover, the handle is textured to ensure that your fingers don’t slip when handling the knife. Aside from that, the grip area is molded for comfort, making this an ideal option for all users.

This knife is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that will provide you with long hours of continuous service. However, this may vary depending on the frequency of use and the type of fish that you are filleting.

To make it even better, it is fitted with an LED indicator that will show you the amount of juice left in the battery. This will enable you to know when to plug in the device for a charge.

When you buy this knife, you will also get a convenient carrying case that you can use during storage.


  • Has a safety switch
  • Fitted with a trigger guard for user convenience
  • Easy to clean


  • Not as powerful compared to corded models

Best Heavy-Duty: American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife,...
  • The most powerful 110 volt Electric fillet knife optimized for cutting the toughest scales and bones, with more torque and power than any other electric fillet knife.
  • 8"L, titanium-coated 420 stainless steel blade

American Angler provides you with yet another reliable electric knife that you can use for filleting fish. It features an 8″420 stainless steel blade that is titanium-coated for enhanced corrosion resistance.

The cutting edge is made up of ultra-sharp serrations that allow the user to slice through the fish without breaking a sweat.

More on the blade, it is slightly upswept to increase performance when filleting different sizes of fish.

Both the motor and the gear system are professionally engineered to ensure that you get quality results in all filleting applications.

You won’t have to worry about the motor overheating because the housing has well-placed vent holes that allow heat to dissipate freely to the surrounding environment.

As a result, the motor will run cooler for long hours. What’s more, the handle is designed such that your hand won’t block the vent holes during usage.

Plus, the grip points are fitted with slip-resistant pads for your convenience. The oversized trigger switch is easy to work with, so just about anyone can use this fillet knife.

In addition to this, the blade will enable you to cut the fish with exact precision while the power cord allows for easy maneuverability.


  • The blade has great edge retention
  • Versatile design
  • Quality construction


  • The storage bag is not as durable

Best for Saltwater Fish: Mr. Twister MT-1208 SW Piranha Knife

Mister Twister MT-1208 Mr Twister SW Piranha Knife
  • Mr Twister MT-1208 SW Piranha Knife
  • Color of the handle may be White/Blue or Blue/White

The MT-1208 has all the features that you may look for in an electric fillet knife. It is powerful, efficient, and also reliable, so it can be an excellent choice for professionals and beginners alike.

This knife is ideal for filleting saltwater fish, but you can as well use it when prepping freshwater fish.

It will provide you with great results in both scenarios, and the best part is that it is resistant to corrosion, meaning the blade won’t rust provided that it is cleaned properly and kept dry.

Like most electric knives in its class, the MT-1208 is equipped with a strong motor that will provide you with maximum torque throughout the filleting process.

The gear system is expertly engineered, allowing for effortless cutting. As such, the blade will allow you to cut through tough scales without experiencing any problems.

Want to hear more? The 9″ stainless steel blade will provide you with long-lasting service, so you won’t have to replace it any time soon. Also, it holds its edge well and is equally resistant to wear.

This knife is designed with a quick-release lock system that enables users to detach the blade without using any tool.

The vent holes minimize heat build-up, thereby preventing the motor from overheating.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Allows for smooth cutting
  • Designed to last


  • Only comes with one blade

Best AC/DC Filleting Knife: Rapala PGEF1 Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DC
  • Relaxed Grip Body
  • Includes Adapters for 110V AC, 12V Post Clips & 12V Lighter Plug

Rapala’s PGEF1 is unique compared to most of the electric knives that we have reviewed in that it can run on both AC and DC.

That being said, it will allow you to process the fish in the boat while it is still fresh.

Furthermore, the knife comes with all the accessories that you may need, so you won’t have to buy anything separately.

The motor is not only powerful but also durable, making the PGEF1 one of the reliable knives that you can consider buying.

It has a straightforward design and also has excellent features that will help you take your filleting skills to the next level.

The other feature that worth mentioning is that the knife is fitted with a long power cord that will allow you to move your hand freely as you fillet the fish.

Included in the kit are two stainless steel blades that will provide you with commendable service.

The cutting edges are serrated to increase the surface area for maximum contact when slicing through fish.

Aside from that, both blades are tempered for durability purposes, so they won’t break, and neither will the edges chip.

To add to its list of features, the handle has an ergonomic design and also features an advanced air-flow design to keep the heat levels at a minimum.

The heavy-duty carrying case is compartmentalized, so each accessory will stay in its slot during transit.


  • Packs a lot of power
  • Conveniently designed
  • Cuts effortlessly


  • Could be better if it had more blades

Best Value: Smith’s 51207 Mr. Crappie Slab-O-Matic Electric Knife

When choosing an electric filleting knife, there are several factors that you should put into consideration before settling on a particular option.

Well, Smith’s 51207seems to have all the important features that a good fillet knife should have.

Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price but still performs just as well as most high-end models.

Like the Rapala-PGEF1, it ships with two reliable blades that you can use for different cutting applications.

One of the blades measures 7″ in length while the other is 4.5″ long. The former can come in handy when fileting medium-sized to large fish while the latter can greatly assist you when processing small fish that require precision.

To add to this, the stainless steel from which the blades are made is of superior quality and offers excellent edge retention.

The blades will stay in top-class condition throughout the period that you will be having this knife, so all you have to do is to ensure that they are cleaned and kept dry after each use.

More on the blades, they are designed with oversized grip points that will provide you with a slip-free user experience.

The plastic sheaths will ensure that the edges are kept safe during storage, thus prolonging durability. You will also get a filleting glove that will safeguard your fingers against cuts.


  • Safe for users
  • Comes with a mesh bag for convenient storage
  • Excellent quality


  • The power cord is somewhat short

Honorable Mention: Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

Berkley Fillet Knife Deluxe Electric with Stndrd/Vehicle...
  • 6" and 8" stainless steel blades resist corrosion
  • Side release buttons prevent accidental blade release during operation

The fillet knife from Berkley is also another option that is worth giving a try.

It is somewhat similar to the Rapala-PGEF1 in that both models can be powered by alternating current or direct current.

The kit inclusive of an 8″ blade and a 6″ blade, both of which are reliable and durable.

More to this, the built-in locking mechanism will ensure that the attached blade stays in place when the knife is in use.

You can release the blade by simply pressing the release button on the side of the handle. The blades are crafted from high-quality stainless steel to keep corrosion at bay.

But, that is not all; they offer great wear resistance and exceptional edge retention. Because the handle is contoured, you won’t experience any discomfort when using this knife.

Plus, the grip area is textured to prevent slippage even when working in wet conditions. Lastly, the knife comes with a durable storage case.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdily built
  • Non-slip


  • Questionable quality

Best for Comfort: Ozark Trail Electric Fillet Knife

No products found.

Featuring a soft-grip handle, this fillet knife will allow you to work extensively without straining your hand.

In addition to this, it is ergonomically designed to maximize your performance while reducing fatigue.

It is fitted with a high-performance motor that delivers optimum cutting power. As such, you can use this knife on just about any type of fish.

Also, the handle will fit perfectly in your hand, giving you maximum control. The stainless steel blade has a non-stick surface that allows for smooth cutting.

As such, the blade will glide through the fish effortlessly, hence making your work easier.

Since the blade is serrated, it can cut through rib bones, scales, and tough skin without damaging the fish.

Besides, its use can apply when filleting freshwater and saltwater fish. However, ensure that you rinse the blade after you are done filleting. This will not only prevent corrosion but also increases the life span of the blade.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight design
  • Delivers consistent results


  • The motor is likely to overheat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric fillet knife worth it?

If you are planning on filleting a large haul of fish, you should consider using electric knives since they’ll enable you to work faster

How much does an electric fillet knife cost?

Electric fillet knives come at different prices, so the cost may vary from one brand to another. That being said, you can find knives that are $14 to $200+, so it will all depend on your budget.

Can you sharpen electric fillet knife blades?

Yes. However, you’ll have to use the right sharpener to achieve the desired results.

What is the best electric fillet knife on the market?

The electric fillet knives reviewed above are some of the viable options that you can consider using when processing fish.

Furthermore, most of the knives are versatile, so you can use them on both freshwater and saltwater fish.

How does an electric fillet knife work?

Electric fillet knives are fitted with reciprocating blades and powerful motors that will allow you to cut with ease. In a nutshell, the motors power the gear system which then pulls the blades back and forth.

Final Verdict

If you are in search of an electric fillet knife, you can choose any of the knives that we have highlighted in this piece.

Since we care about your needs, we have only gone for dependable knives that are constructed from high-quality materials.

Nonetheless, the knives vary in terms of performance and also come with different accessories, so the final decision is yours to make.

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