11 Best Serrated Pocket Knives

There are times when you are out doing your daily tasks but find yourself needing a serrated knife. If this is possible, you can opt to purchase a pocket serrated knife convenient to carry around all day if you need to use it.

A perfect pocket knife with serrations might be of great help when you least expect it. The blades with their toothlike edge are designed to cut through foods with a hard exterior and a soft interior, for example, bread. One advantage of a serrated knife, as it works primarily as a saw.

With the different brands on board, finding a first-class serrated model might be a struggle in itself. Well, we did detailed research in the bid to sift out the best in the industry and came up with a serrated pocket knife reviews list. Our coverage will go a long way to help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

Top 11 Best Serrated Pocket Knives

#1 Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife, Black Serrated (1605CKTST) 

Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife, Black Serrated (1605CKTST); 3.1”...
  • 3.1" 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade with black-oxide finish for excellent toughness, edge retention and wear resistance
  • Textured Glass-filled nylon handle scales offer a solid grip with Gentle Contour and comfortable in-hand feel. Closed Length-4.25 inch

This model opens our superlative list as the editor’s choice. As a V.I.P. knife, you will never regret having ever set your eyes on it. The breathtaking, cool features possessed by this cleaver make it one of the industry’s top-notch products.

Firstly, the blade is partly plain edge knife and partly serrated. You can comfortably use it for purposes other than rugging a surface. The 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade comes coated with black oxide for toughness, edge retention, and wear resistance.

A very resilient and versatile glass-filled nylon handle offers the perfect grip when in use. The material used makes the hold strong and feels good in the hands. With this, it can be used in very ferocious tasks as it can readily support them.

As a special pocket knife with high-quality design, it has an excellent open and close mechanism. You can safely remove the blade in the handle scale, use it and safely return it without any worries of an accident occurring.

Lastly, the great-looking knife has a drop point blade suitable for any task at hand. It is ideal for everyday outdoor tasks, and you can carry it anywhere as it is lightweight and the blade is not too long to fit in a pocket.


  • Black oxide coating
  • Assisted open
  • Attractive design


  • No thumb studs

#2 CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife  

CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Special Forces Everyday...
  • Safe And Secure: Automated liner safety provides extra layer of lock security
  • Extremely Sharp: Veff Serrations provide superior cutting power of rope and straps

Whether you are on military duty or out in a forest, the CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife is well crafted for your needs. If you are undecided on which dented knife to purchase, I would highly recommend this model as it also comes as the top choice on our list.

The top-ranking knife measures 3.99 inches for blade length, 5.38 inches when closed, and 9.34 inches when opened. These impressive measurements make the blade bold enough for any task at hand. It also weighs 5.9 ounces, advantageous to carry around.

The gorgeous blade comes with Veff serrations, which are stunning and do a great job of cutting through a tough rope or wood. Incorporating an automatic linear safety; helps to prevent the cutter from detaching itself during use.

The G-10 Black handle offers an extraordinary grip, better insulation, and it feels comfy on the hands. Also, it integrates a stainless-steel clip system that allows for ease in carrying whenever you go, plus it is generally lightweight.

For splendid results, this perfect pocket knife has sharp blade with good cutting power for every situation. The Carson flipper opening enables the user to open and close with ease as the craftsmanship is fantastic. Don’t forget that the blade has a unique tanto point design to execute its duties.


  • Tanto design
  • Exceptional grip
  • Razor-sharp


  • The plastic handle might break at times.

#3 Kershaw 1670TBLKST Tanto Serrated Blur Knife  

Kershaw Blur Tanto Black Serrated Pocket Knife (1670TBLKST); 3.4...
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening makes for easy one-handed safe opening with thumbstud
  • Reversible pocketclip allows for carry tip up or tip down on the right side using pre-drilled holes

We can all agree that getting a top-rated utility pocket knife might be a hurdle by itself. Before settling for a specific cleaver in the merchandise, you must pay heed to some key features that draw the line between it and the others. Well, as you keep checking on the article, we recommend Kershaw 1670TBLKST as the runner-up top choice.

Firstly, this highly-rated knife is held in place by a secure liner lock that gives it a slender, smooth, and stylish design while making it a safe knife for the user. The blade is V-shaped at the tip enabling it to pierce through materials more elaborately and for more exceptional performance.

The speed safe aided opening with a thumb stud enables for one-hand opening. Also, a changeable pocket clip makes room for tip-up and tip-down on the right side using pre-drilled holes.

The high-grade knife is made of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel, which has added nitrogen, affording the blade exceptional corrosion resistance and excessive hardness to withstand every application. The appealing cerakote coating is responsible for the knife’s wear defiance.

The blade comes partially serrated and partially plain; the jagged part allows for easy and swift cut through for stringy materials such as ropes, seat belts, etc. The straight portion is responsible for clean cuts without tatters.


  • Trouble-free one-hand opening
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable pocket-clip


  • The thumb stud makes it uncomfortable to carry

#4 Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS Folding Knife 

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS 8.6in S.S. Assisted Folding Knife with...
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.6 inch (21.8 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.6 inches (9.1 cm) and a weight of 7.6 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 4034 black oxide high carbon stainless steel with a black aluminum handle with rubber inlay

Over the years, Smith & Wesson has been known to produce quality products. Featured as one of the most selling manufactures in the industry, most of their products have very high reviews and perform to the letter. Well, if you are a smith and Wesson fanatic, we got the best knife from Smith and Wesson.

Tagged as one of the best sellers on Amazon, the Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS is the best saw-toothlike knife for all your all-day activities. The knife is pretty priced with premium features and is well-engineered to fit in every person’s precision.

The serrated folding knife is highly dependable in any situation. It is easily accessible with the well-suited pocket clip, flipper actuator, and the M.A.G.I.C assisted opening, making it convenient to carry around all day. Also, you will use it in confidence as the safety lock ensures no silly accidents occur at any given time.

It is highly durable; the blade is made from a reliable 4034 stainless steel coated with black oxide to provide solidity and resilience. The well-designed handle is made of black aluminum hand with rubber inlay. Hence, the handle has maximum grip and is comfy to hold.

When talking about size, the quality knife is crafted to appropriate proportions. It measures 8.6 inches in overall length, 3.6 inches blade size, and weighs 7.6 ounces. With this, it can fit very well in your pocket all day without you even feeling it.


  • Good aluminum handle with rubber inlay.
  • M.A.G.I.C assisted opening technology
  • The blade has a black oxide for toughness over corrosion.


  • Notably heavy

#5 Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with...
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle

For a product to be termed the bestselling, it has to be of high quality and possesses many great traits. The many reviews cannot be for less than that. If you are a Smith & Wesson fanatic, here is another high-rated product for you! the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1 comes in as the best seller product due to its world-class qualities.

Well, like its predecessor, the model has adorable features that make it premier. It has one of the highest customer reviews in the category, meaning that many customers are utterly impressed and satisfied with the performance. With this in mind, I bet you will get nothing short of the best.

The knife is an ideal tactical pocket knife with a well-refurbished liner lock system. It is easy to open and close as it features a thumb stud suitable for one-hand opening for quick deployment when needed.

It has a comfortable grip enabled by the aluminum handle and finger indentions. The blade is made of a well-grounded 7Cr17MoV Black oxide high carbon stainless steel. Hence, it is insanely solid and sturdy enough to last long and serve you better.

The blade has a clip-point design that allows for quick and more resounding insertions. It has a double-serration on the sides and is also partly plain edged near the tip. If you were, looking for a knife superior for moments you are maneuvering within the wild, it’s the perfect pick.


  • Clip point blade
  • Double-serrated
  • Durable performance.


  • Folding requires a lot of force

#6 Smith & Wesson 8in High Carbon S.S. Folding Knife   

Smith & Wesson SWFRS 8in High Carbon S.S. Folding Knife with...
  • DIMENSIONS: 8 inch (20.3 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.3 inches (8.4 cm) and a weight of 5.8 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel with stainless steel handle with G-10 inlay

To be able to function well and more efficiently, a knife should have a well-defined construction. A good fabrication enables the user to have an easy time using a product. Who wants an item that gives a hard time when handling an item? If you are looking for a serrated knife with good making, Smith & Wesson 8in High Carbon S.S. Folding Knife is the model for you.

The craftmanship of the cleaver is astonishing; it has drop point blade that enables ample belly space for action. It also has a folding mechanism. You can freely fold it when not in use and unfold it when it is time for action.

It has an ambidextrous thumb plate that allows for use in both hands. A reliable pocket clip enables the knife to be easily accessible in the pocket, which is ideal for everyday carry. The liner lock helps build confidence that the slip will not slip anyhow without warning.

The knife is multi-purpose; it can act as a strap cutter, a glass breaker all in one combination. It is also double-edged with both a plain and serrated edge part fit to complete a million and one tasks. You can comfortably use it at the expense of other heavy-duty tools.

Lastly, the sound cutter is made from durable and solid materials. For the blade, 7Cr17MoV high carbon steel is used to make it concrete and sturdy. The stainless steel handle has a G-10 inlay for cushy usage and holding.


  • G-10 inlay handle
  • Multi-tool
  • Ambidextrous thumb plate


  • Prone to rust

#7 Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife  

Spyderco Atlantic Salt Lightweight Knife with 3.68" Corrosion...
  • Superior Quality - It is made from H1-Steel which is a precipitation-hardened steel containing nitrogen instead of carbon, which cannot rust.
  • FRN Handle - It is textured with a Volcano Grip pattern, the molded fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) handle is black, equipped with a reversible titanium pocket clip for right or left- handed use.

For stunning performance and results, high-end products tend to be the best contenders in the game. If you want a good outcome in your dealings, digging deep in your pocket might be fair enough to get good quality and reliable tool for the job. That said, narrowing down to our context, Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife comes in as the best expensive pocket knife with serrations in our review.

We cannot rule out the brilliance of this Spyderco knife, though the price might be a little lofty than another member on the list, you get what you paid for and even more. The exceptional characteristics give it the upper hand to be the most suitable companion in your everyday endeavors.

The knife is fully serrated with two-step serration patterns consisting of one large and two small serrations. Thus, while shredding, they provide an added working surface giving incredible outcomes. Deal with the rugged materials with ease.

High-quality materials are used for explicit execution. The stainless steel blade means you are getting a durable design. For the handle, fiberglass reinforced nylon (F.R.N.) is used and makes the knife pretty lightweight and gives it strength and optimum grip for use.

The knife has suitable dimensions that easily fit in a sizeable pocket. The blade is 3.68 inches long and an overall length of 8.37 inches. It has a hollow grind. It comes with angles that have a concave radius that extend to the entire width of the blade. If you take everything into account, you will agree it’s a good knife for the money.


  • Hollow grind
  • Full edge serration
  • 3.86″ long blade


  • The knife opens itself easily underwater

#8 HB1132 Honey Badger Sharp Pocket Knife Folding Flipper EDC  

Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket Knife - Pocket Knife for Men -...
  • FEATURES: The dimension of our pocket knife with a blade length of 3.00"/76mm, and an overall length of 7.0"/185mm. When the pocket knife is closed, it's size is 4.1"/104mm, making our steel pocket knife the perfect folding knife. Our claw hawkbill folding knife allows this small knife a cool pocket knife that you can deploy quickly. The grip of our claw hawkbill folding knife is made from Fibre Reinforced Nylon with a unique Honeycomb hexagonal pattern forming a great non-slip grip.
  • SMOOTH ACTION: The Honey Badger Claw Serrated Pocket Folding Knife is famous for its unbelievably smooth flipper opening action. Our lightweight folding knife has a deep carry pocket clip, and ambidextrous left proper hand support. Use the ergonomic thumb hole, to flip our serrated knives open. The smooth action is due to our signature 18 roller bearings in the pivot. This sharp pocket knife is a perfect addition to any pocket, purse, tool truck box, backpack, gear, workbench, or belt.

For use handling of a knife, an effective flipper mechanism should be put in place. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you know the essence of a good flipper action. Flippers offer one-hand operation, making sure the users have a peaceful time using the knife. The HB1132 Honey Badger provides for the best flipper action on the list.

Firstly, the knife offers smooth action. It has 18 roller bearings that create a flush opening action for an implausible flip experience. You can often turn over the blade for easy deployment.

The blade has a claw-shaped serrated edge and a clip-point design. It is an ideal tactical knife that you can carry when going for a hike, camping, or an adventure. It is also suitable for self-defense purposes. Every element of the cutter has livable features for all-day activities.

For easy carry, the knife is well-proportioned. The blade length is 3.0 inches, 4.09 inches when closed, and an overall length of 7 inches. With these measurements, the knife can sit low in your pocket as it is small and easy to carry.

The ridges are razor-sharp for any task at hand. The sturdy handle has honeycomb hexagons for maintained grip and control. It also has a lanyard hole for easy attachment on your hand or any surface. If you were looking for a perfect tactical knife, look no further!


  • Good flipper action
  • Razor-sharp
  • It has a lanyard hole for easy attachment


  • It might be too short for some tasks

#9 Bundle & Save: Swiss Safe Tactical Knife   

No products found.

To have a breathtaking experience with a pocket knife, it should be a multi-tool that can work in almost all situations. However, getting one is not easy, and if you have one, it might be cumbersome or useless in some scenarios. But, one or two tools combined will do a perfect job.

Well, breaking a window or glass might not need a hellacious tool; a simple pocket serrated knife with a glass breaker will do the job quite well. Swiss Safe Tactical Knife Holster + 3-in-1 is a perfect multi-tool knife featuring a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker. If you need to wave out a glass next time, you are correct in time for the perfect tool.

The knife has a heavy-duty holster that protects against dust, dirt, rain, or any other form of contamination. It is also durable enough to withstand harsh environments as it is made from a high-quality steel blade with a lightweight aluminum handle.

For safety purposes, the knife is well designed. It has a security lock, spring assist, and handgrip made for emergency rescue purposes.

The blade is 3.5 inches long and 3mm thick. When folded, it measures 5 inches. These dimensions fit in a standard pocket, and you can carry the blade with you wherever you go.


  • It comes with a pouch for storage
  • Multi-function, 3-in-1
  • Spring-assist mechanism


  • The pouch wears quickly

#10 Kershaw Leek Serrated (1660ST), 3″ Sandvik 14C28N   

Kershaw Leek Serrated (1660ST), 3” Sandvik 14C28N, Partial...
  • 3” modified drop-point blade made of Sandvik 14C28N providing increased hardness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention
  • Partial scallop serration offers even cutting power on both push and pull strokes and doesn't tear the material as much as other serration styles

What is the advantage of having a steel handle over the others? All the handles work in the same way, but some are better off than others, like steel. Steel is tough and has long-lasting durability compared to other options. With a little maintenance and care, steel can push for an extended period without wearing out.

The Kershaw Leek Serrated (1660ST) has the best steel handle on the list. The handle is made from stainless steel alloyed with chromium. With this, it can withstand rust and is corrosion resistant. The handle also integrates etching patterns and ridges that improve the grip when in use.

The blade is also made from high geared steel. Sandvik 14C28N is high-performance steel with increased nitrogen in the formula for extreme hardness. The 14C28N is recommended for knife applications as it proves edge sharpness and stability.

Kershaw designs their knives according to size, weight, and intended use. Well, this model has a unique design that will suit your precision. a serrated edge, a pin-sharp tip to pierce through any material, and a reversible pocket clip that allows you to carry the knife as you please.

Cool additional features like a one-hand flipper mechanism allow for smooth and instant opens. The flipper can be used in both the right and the left hand. A secure locking system ensures that the blade is always kept intact to avoid accidents.


  • Durable steel handle
  • Secure locking system
  • Comfortable in the hand


  • The handle might be hard to hold when wet.

#11 Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG10S Folding Knife   

Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG10S 8.3in High Carbon S.S....
  • Dimensions: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • Durable: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle

If your budget is a bit tight, but you need an excellent serrated pocket knife, worry less as we got that covered for you. You don’t need to dry your pocket in search of a high-end knife that may eventually disappoint. Some low-priced knives work as well as the expensive ones.

The Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG10S comes at a reasonably low price but with a stunning performance. Though it might not have the same features as the high-priced models, the knife is well constructed to meet your needs inclusively.

The folding knife is made with stonewashed high carbon stainless steel. It is partially serrated with a tanto point design. It has an overall length of 8.25 inches, blade length of 3.37 inches, and 4.77 inches for the handles. It weighs 6 ounces.

Despite the killer style and design, it is multi-functional. The textured and grooved G-10 handle is incorporated with a glass breaker, strap cutter, and a pocket clip. It is highly dependable as it can be of use at a time least expected.

Finally, it has ambidextrous thumb knobs, thumb ramps jimping, and an index flipper. It is sharp on arrival, and you can use it often before sharpening it again.


  • One of the most affordable knives.
  • Lightweight
  • Slim profile


  • One open it is hard to close.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a serrated knife used for?

A serrated knife is used to cut foods with a hard outer cover and fibrous materials like ropes or act as a saw on wood.

Is a serrated blade better?

A serrated knife is better when cutting through thick or fibrous materials. However, if you need clear and precise cuts, you can go for a plain-edged knife.

What is the best serrated pocket knife?

Well, if you have keenly gone through this article, you can confidently choose a perfect serrated knife that you can use in case you need it to solve a problem.

Are serrated knives better for self-defense?

If a knife is razor-sharp and long enough, you can use it if any danger comes your way. It doesn’t matter serrated or not.

Do you sharpen serrated knives?

Yes, you can sharpen a serrated knife. However, the blades do not require regular sharpening. The only point of contact is the teeth; hence, less friction making the blade stays sharp for long.

Final verdict

With this detailed review, finding the sturdiest pocket knife will be an easy task. We have highlighted the industry’s top-level products ranging from partial serration to full serration. Compare and contrast the options and pick the model that meets your needs to the letter.

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