Camillus Knives: Everything You Should Know

Camillus offers a variety of knife options. Made out of the finest materials, these blades are some of the best in the market.

This blog post seeks to appreciate the uniqueness of this blade.

Camillus Knives

Camillus: Then and Now

With origins dating back to 1876, Camillus was among the earliest knife makers in the United States. The brand has been successful since then. There are therefore both traditional and modern knives to choose from.

It was created by bringing knives made in Germany into the United States by its founder, Adolph Kastor. Originally from Germany, Adolph emigrated to Manhattan in 1870.

In the end, Camillus New York grew and became known as Camillus. The company manufactured a million knives in 1910 when the American population was no more significant.

As a brand, it extended its reach through the development of a variety of products for the sporting, hunting, and tactical markets, such as machetes, knives with folding and fixed blades, and multi-tools.

In addition to making knives, it also made a variety of cutting instruments, including surgical implements. In early 2007, labor unions, imported goods, and potential management issues caused it to shut down, taking even Western with it.

Yet, until the declaration of bankruptcy, millions of knives were manufactured. In 2009, Acme United Corporation succeeded in restoring the brand by adding modern materials to its intellectual property rights and brand name.

In the present, they have resumed their full-scale competition in folding knives. As an everyday carrying collection (EDC) as well for outdoor lovers, it has succeeded in meeting a decent budget. With the company’s re-launch, it has introduced some impressive modern folding knives to make an honorable return to the EDC market.

The products are built using top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship to provide reliable, high-performance performance. Knives from this brand are expertly crafted for survival, outdoors, and bushcraft.

Popular Variants

The brand has been producing different kinds of knives to cater to different kinds of customers with different kinds of needs. Listed below are some of the many variants of Camillus.


There are many versatile and powerful models within this series, ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and even survival tasks like hammering, digging and splitting. Stainless steel Carpenter and German 4116 are used to making these knives. The collection includes blade replacements and machetes.

Folding Pocket Knives

There are many knives in this line that are ideal for EDC use. When it comes to locking mechanisms, these knives differ greatly. The lock mechanisms on the knives include liner, frame, and Lockback.

Specialty Lock Pocket 

The blade of these knives is retained in the open or closed position safely using a dual safety button with a special locking mechanism. Additionally, the blades are partially serrated, titanium-bonded, and stainless when not in use. These knives are great EDCs due to their lightweight nature.


Blades of titanium bonded stainless steel are available with knives from this niche. Featuring an integrated pocket clip, the Seven ensures effortless accessibility. A-frame lock mechanism provides a secure grip on these knives, while G-10 handles provide comfort and security. 


You can comfortably hold these tools in your hand because they are compact and light. Each handle is made from nylon and comes in different colors. Additionally, these models come with exceptional slots, as well as the capability to perform both precision and fast cutting tasks.


Offerings in this category have liner lock pocket knives of strong quality and workmanship. Apart from survivalists, professionals can also benefit from such tools. Their blades are made of stainless steel and come with a drop-point blade coated with black titanium powder for a sturdy grip, making them ideal for heavy outdoor use. 


Featuring folding knives that feature a handy lanyard lock, this niche is ideal for self-defense. High compression, as well as corrosion resistance, is provided by the stainless steel they are made from. Prym1 (colored) pattern serves as the framework for their handles, giving them great strength.


The stainless steel blades of the knives in this collection are coated with titanium carbonitride. Heavy-duty tasks benefit from their conventional, strong edge. Black textured handle material made with glass-filled nylon gives a secure grip and prevents accidents.

Cuda Mini

With this series, you will find high-performance tactical knives that are ideal for everyday use. The blades are made of stainless steel and have a drop point. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, these blades feel comfortable inside of handles for ease of carrying.


The liner lock pocket knives in this series can be used for precise cutting as their blades are easy to open. Using fiberglass-reinforced nylon, the handles are constructed. The pocket clip and lanyard holes make the knives easy to carry. Due to their compactness, they easily fit into the palm.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, you can say that Camillus has managed to carve a niche for itself in the industry. They’ve created a solid product portfolio and can cater to almost every sort of need their customers might have; whether it’s an EDC blade or a survival knife, they really have something for everyone.

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