Can You Bring a Pocket Knife on a Plane?

Generally, It is illegal to have any type of blade or sharp objects like the pocket knife in your carry-on bag and your checked baggage. In other words, you cannot be allowed to bring your pocket knife on a plane.

Discussed below are the reasons why you cannot take your blade with you on your trip via plane and the possible results of your actions in case you violate this rule.

Bring a Pocket Knife on a Plane


You cannot carry a blade onto the plane from your bag, with everything else you plan to bring on the plane. This is because blades are not allowed in your luggage by TSA regulations. It doesn’t matter if it’s small enough to fit into an envelope or a pocket–it will be found.

Listed below are the main reasons for this ruling.

Prevention of injury on people possibly caused by turbulence

In case of strong turbulence, is possible for a crew or passenger to be hurt because of sharp objects inside the plane. The condition of air pressure inside the cabin is different than outside, and this can cause objects to fly around.

In scenarios of this kind, the crew, as well as the passengers, could be in danger with the presence of sharp objects. This is a risk not worth taking.

Prevention of crimes inside the plane

Unlawful persons may take advantage of the plane trip to commit a crime. Criminals who enter the plane are more likely to cause damage and harm with a blade than without one. This means that all blades on a passenger will be removed in order for crimes not happen as often, or at least have less of an impact.

Prevention of possible damage on the aircraft

Blades are not allowed on the plane for this reason as well. If a blade just like your pocket knife slips off of someone’s bag and falls onto an aircraft, it could cause millions in damage to the airplane.

For example, if you were using your blade (or any sharp object) while sitting right next to one of those engines and accidentally scratched it, there could be a problem.

Airplane maintenance is never cheap. In fact, fixing a scratch caused by a sharp object could cost millions.

Worst case scenario: A sharp object gets stuck in an engine or punctures one of four pressurized fuel tanks which are located near the fuselage’s centerline. The fuel tank would then leak out all its contents into the surrounding area causing a fire.

Possible penalties for violation

There are no restrictions on the carrying of pocket knives and other sharp objects when you’re traveling by car. However, when riding a plane, carrying a pocket knife can be considered illegal and dangerous.

Listed below are possible penalties caused by taking a knife on a plane.

  • If someone tries to board an airplane with any type of blade, blade length doesn’t matter. It will be confiscated by TSA or airline personnel. This is because his or her possession could endanger people nearby.
  • Airplane passengers caught in possession of a blade will be charged with “possession of a prohibited item” and could face fines up to $13,000.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, carrying a pocket knife on a plane is inviting danger so why take the risk? There is a proper time and place to carry blades, and flying is not one of them. Let us follow regulations and let us travel safely!

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