Is Cruwear Steel Good for Knives?

Cruwear steel is an air-hardening tool steel that has a great combination of toughness and wears resistance. It is basically a modified version of D2 steel having lower Carbon and Chromium amounts but higher Vanadium and Tungsten amounts.

This makes it harder, tougher, and with better wear resistance compared to D2. The two steels however have similar machinability.

Cruwear steel is very common with knife lovers. If you are curious to find out more about it, keep reading.

Is Cruwear steel good for knives?

Cruwear steel is good for knives. It offers great wear resistance, hardness, toughness, and edge retention. It has decent corrosion resistance meaning that it’s not very prone to rust but it can still rust.

The steel is very easy to sharpen and machine which is a plus for both knife makers and knife users. Cruwear applications include dies, punches, blades, and EDC knives.

Composition of Cruwear steel

Cruwear steel has the following composition of various components:

Carbon at 1.1% – Carbon enhances hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, but lowers strength if it is in high amounts.

Chromium at 7.5% – Chromium adds tensile strength, hardness, edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

Molybdenum at 1.6% – Molybdenum boosts machinability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength.

Manganese at 0.35% – Manganese improves strength, corrosion resistance, grind-ability, and hardness but too much of it makes steel brittle.

Silicon at 1.1%– Silicon increases strength, resistance, and gets rid of oxygen during its formation.

Vanadium at 2.4% – Vanadium enhances strength, wear resistance, hardenability, and makes sharpening easier.

Tungsten at 1.15% – Tungsten increases corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, and raises the melting temperatures.

Sulfur at 0.003% – Sulfur increases machinability but decreases toughness.

Cruwear steel hardness

The Rockwell scale measures the hardness of steel. Cruwear has a hardness of 64 HRC making it very hard steel.

Is Cruwear stainless steel?

Cruwear steel is semi-stainless. It does not have very low Chromium levels having a percentage of 7.5%.

This amount is decent to give it some corrosion resistance but not enough to make it stainless and resistant to rust. Steel has to attain 10.5% of Chromium levels to be fully stainless.

Properties of Cruwear steel

The components of steel are the main determinants of how well it will function. When it comes to Cruwear steel, its composition gives it the following properties:

Edge Retention

The steel has excellent edge retention. This is due to its hardness.

The harder the steel, the higher the edge retention.

Corrosion Resistance

Cruwear steel has decent corrosion resistance that is generally not too bad. This is because it contains decent amounts of Chromium.

Chromium gives steel high corrosion resistance if it is in high quantities.

Wear Resistance

The steel has great wear resistance. This is due to the presence of Tungsten, Magnesium, and Chromium.


Cruwear is easy to sharpen. This is an unusual thing because hard steel is generally harder to sharpen. The steel is both hard and easy to sharpen which is another great quality.


It has high toughness levels. If steel is hard and tough at the same time, then it normally has low corrosion resistance.

Steel will have only two of the three properties while compromising on the third one.

Cruwear steel comparisons

Cruwear has good comparisons in CPM 3V and M4. It is like a balance between the two steels.

M4 steel – When it comes to M4 steel, Cruwear is tougher but M4 holds an edge longer.

3V steel – 3V steel is tougher than Cruwear but Cruwear has better edge retention.


Cruwear steel is super steel due to its great balance of components and properties. It contains all the features you would consider before purchasing a blade.

It has high hardness, edge retention, toughness, wear resistance, ease of sharpening, and decent corrosion resistance. Wiping the blade dry after every use coupled with regular oiling will keep rust away.

Being high-end steel, it is applied by knife makers in manufacturing high-quality knives which means that the knives are expensive. However, their performance is just as great making them worth the high price.

It will make for a super good addition to your high-quality blades.

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