Everything You Should Know About Khyber Knives

A Khyber knife is an ancient type of weapon that has been around for over 1000 years. It was used primarily as a fighting knife and sometimes as a utility tool, depending on the culture it originated from.

It is a type of traditional Afghan fighting and utility knife with an inwardly curved blade. It has been in use since at least the 18th century and was originally designed as a tool for everyday use by civilians and artisans. The design proved popular with military officers who appreciated its simplicity, versatility, and ruggedness.

A Khyber knife could be used in combat to stab or slash an opponent, but some cultures also used them for tasks like whittling wood or sharpening tools.

Today we are going to discuss everything you should know about Khyber Knives!


Knives are related to nations and tribes in many ways. Khyber knives can be traced back to ancient Persia, where they were used as Afghani-bladed swords by the hill tribes that lived close to this area of Pakistan between Afghanistan and India.

Shinwaris who traveled across the pass would protect travelers for a fee if the need arose using these blades.

Knives remain popular today not just with northern Indian people but also Afghans themselves. It is such an important part of their culture that Afghan men still use them on special occasions.

Khyber Knife

How is it designed?

They are traditionally swords. Today, it is called a short sword with an incredibly sharp blade that can be used for cutting as well as stabbing and penetrating armor thanks to its T-shaped cross-section blades which narrows at the pointed end of this tool.

The blades have a straight edge and range in length from 14 to 30 inches long with the maximum width at its point end.

This knife also comes in a large size. Some come with wide blades at their bases and backsides as well. This allows for a better balance because it places your blade closer to the handle than if there was no forward drop or center of gravity issue that could cause imbalance; thus good handling is ensured when using this type of knife.

Some types of styles

The Khyber blade comes in a variety of styles. Pesh-kabz and Choora, for example, are two small examples that come from the Pashtun culture.


This knife originated in ancient Indo-Persia and soon spread all throughout Eastern countries. It is worn on their belts unsecured as a way to fight against the British Empire. This type of fighting was very common because it allowed for quick access without having too many weapons strapped around the waist.

The main function of a dagger is to get past the armor, so they are hardly improved. They differ only in shape and decoration on the handle.


It is traditionally a Persian weapon. The handle of this blade can have many styles such as wood for more balance or bone with metal on top to provide protection from wear down.

This knife’s versatility led it to be incorrectly classified by authorities in some countries as a dagger – though they are very different types of weapons.

Final Verdict

The Khyber knife is a very old type of sword traditionally used in Afghanistan. It was often seen as the weapon of choice for those who were not allowed to carry guns due to their economic status or religious beliefs, and it has been said that at one point every male Afghan carried this blade.

Today, many people still use this type of knife for ceremonial purposes such as weddings and funerals.

It is one of the most iconic symbols in Pakistan. It’s also a symbol of bravery, heritage, and courage that lives on to this day.

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