Everything You Should Know About Kiridashi Knives

Kiridashi knives are Japanese blades that have been traditionally used for carving, grafting, prying.

Made from extremely high-quality steel, these knives are one of the most durable and sharpest knives ever created. It will last for many years and they still retain their razor-sharp edge.

The knife is all around utility knife. It can be used as an all-purpose knife for tough woodcutting or any precision fine carving work.

The blade is made with a flat profile, that allows it to be safely used for super thin and delicate carving work.

The Kiridashi is not common in the knife market but has always been popular with carpenters and homeowners.

What is a Kiridashi knife?

They are used primarily for bamboo crafting and woodworking. Steel of exceptional quality forged in Japan through traditional processes is what makes these blades so successful.

The metals that make up this blade include pre-bonded steel, which ensures the knife’s value from generation to generation. Kiridashi knives come in many different sizes depending on your personal needs too.

It has one beveled edge and an incredibly sharp point. In comparison to other knives, it’s much sharper because only the single side needs to be honed for you to make fine cuts.

Additionally, less maintenance will need to be done with this type of knife as opposed to others due to its unique design.

Kiridashi Knife


The word Kiridashi literally means ‘to carve’ in Japanese. It is a tool that was primarily used to carve wood.

They are also part of a typical writing desk set in Japan, which includes them as one would expect to find pencils or paper with pen sets. The blade itself is small enough that it can be carried inside students’ pencil boxes when necessary.

The knife is the most reliable tool for many purposes, just like other knives around the world. Today it can be used to open boxes and shape brush tips as well as cut paper or carve wood. One of its greatest strengths lies in how versatile this blade’s shape makes it – a quality we find in design too!

What is it used for?

They are a versatile tool that can be used for almost any task. They have more power than most other types of knives. You can use them to open boxes and to cut through materials like leather or wood when you need to.

They can also be used as a weapon if needed in self-defense situations. Many people buy Kiridashi knives for camping purposes since they’re lightweight and easy to use while still being very versatile tools in emergency scenarios like when your car breaks down in an isolated area with no cell service, so make sure you always carry one in your car, backpack or purse.

The sharp edge on the Kiridashi knife is perfect for cutting things like ropes or zip ties without breaking your knife.

Final Verdict

There are many different types of Kiridashi knives, but their main role is to be used for cutting and peeling.

If you’re wondering if Kiridashi knives are right for your purposes or not, we hope this article has helped. With these tips in mind, you can make an informed decision about whether it is the best tool for the job.

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