How to Close a Gerber Knife

The Gerber Gator or simply Gerber is one of the most popular knives on the market. It has a reliable design and is very affordable for anyone looking to buy a new knife. Commonly used as a general-purpose knife, it has a comfortable grip and can be used for any task.

The only problem with this knife is that it can be difficult to close when you are finished using it. Many find it difficult to close the knife when they are in a hurry, and then it becomes difficult to use the blade again.

Gerber knives are not always the easiest to close, but with this blog post I will show you how easy it is to do so. Here are steps to close your Gerber knife in a simple and safe manner.

Gerber Knife

Hold the knife in your dominant hand with blade pointing away

Grip the blade with your other hand and, as you close the knife, pull it gently but firmly towards yourself. The sharp edge of the blade should be facing away from you so that when closed, both cutting edges are protected by either a locking device or a guard.

Keep in mind: Always hold onto the handles while closing the blade and never try to close it over anything you might cut.

Press down on the top of the blade and pull up

To close a Gerber Knife, you should press the top of the blade and pull up. This will allow you to put your Gerber Knives away safely without having to worry about cutting anything or anyone else with it.

Release pressure then repeat steps 2 and 3

Releasing pressure will release the blade from the grip. It will release any remaining pressure on both sides of the knife. This step is importance in ensure the handler’s safety along the process.

Put thumb on one side of the blade and press down on top with other fingers 

You should press your other fingers down on top of the blade while your thumb rests on one side. With this grip, slide hand away from you and towards the opposite side to close up the knife blades onto each other.

Push inwards towards yourself and fold over

As you close the Gerber knife, push inwards towards yourself so that the blade that is still out of the handle folds over. Fold the blade upwards so that it sits on top of itself. The back edge of the folded part should be facing up with one side touching your palm.

Make sure to keeping pressure applied until it locks into place.

Keep fingers out of harm’s way

In everything we do, we need put safety first. Knives are no exception. When opening or closing a Gerber Knife, there is always the chance that we could cut ourselves on a sharp edge. Hence, keep fingers out of harm’s way all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Gerber knife different from other kinds of knives?

Gerber knives are made of strong steel that will hold up to any task. The blades these knives are fully functional and are not just for decoration. This is because the blade’s centerline goes all the way through the handle ensuring a good grip, no matter how wet your hands are.

How loadable is it to have your own Gerber knife?

It’s always a good idea to have your own Gerber knife on hand. They can be used for all types of tasks, from cutting food while camping or hunting game to fixing things around the house and car.

Is a Gerber knife worth your money?

It is important that you invest in quality knives like the ones made by Gerber. There are many reasons why you should invest in knives like this.

This is a great option for all of your outdoor needs including hunting, fishing, and camping trips. This will give you the best quality need at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Final Verdict

When it comes to safety, Gerber knives are designed with that in mind. Closing a knife may seem like an easy task but there is more than meets the eye when you start thinking about what could go wrong if you don’t take precautions before closing your blade.

If this simple step seems daunting for some reason, give yourself time and practice opening and closing your knife every day until it becomes second nature. You’ll be able to close even the toughest of blades without any trouble at all!

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