How to Date Schrade Knives

The simplest and easiest way to date of Schrade knife is by checking the tang stamp or the logo. However, you can also use the serial number and literature to give hints regarding the year when the blade was manufactured.

In this blog post, we will learn how to determine the year when a specific blade was manufactured.

Schrade Knives

Schrade Knife Defined

A Schrade knife is a high-quality hunting, utility, and military blade. The brand has made its mark as one of the most preferred knives for wilderness camping, hiking, combat, and even everyday carry.

Dating Schrade Knives

There are many ways of determining the year when a specific Schrade knife was manufactured. Among them are the following.

Tang Stamp or Logo

The simplest way to limit the age range of the knife is to examine the tang stamp. This stamp is placed near the base of the blade which serves to identify the knife’s brand.

Schrade Cutlery Company, the maker of these blades, changed this stamp including the logo many times through the years. The changes made serve as clues to date them.

The first of the stamps were used in the year 1904. The stamps feature the words “Schrade Cut. Co” on the first two lines. This is succeeded by “Walden, NY” on a third line, with the word“Germany” beneath.

The second version of the brand stamp was used in the later part of 1904-1917. This time, the manufacturers spelled out “Schrade” in an arc. “Cut. Co.” was stamped on a straight line beneath followed by “Walden, NY” on a succeeding line.

Then, since parts of 1917-1946, the preceding stamp was maintained except that the name “Schrade” was in a straight line.

It was in the mid-’40s when the brand added “USA” after “Walden, New York.” Between 1947 and 1973, the knives were marked “Schrade Walden.” Eventually, they removed “Walden” from tang stamps and literature in 1973. From 1973 until the year2004, the stamp contained “Schrade N.Y. USA” or “Schrade USA” markings.

More tang stamps were used with some stamp years overlapping each other. This is dependent on the specific model of a knife.

Unfortunately, Schrade closed in 2004. Because of this many trademarks were sold to Taylor Brands. The buyer eventually reissued some of the original Schrade models.

However, Smith & Wesson Division Battenfeld Technologies was able to acquire Taylor Brands. To this date, Battenfeld makes knives under the original brand and product lines which include Schrade’s Imperial, Old Timer, and Uncle Henry.

Serial Number

Study the four-digit serial number on the blade. The first number is the number of knife blades. The second and the third refer to the pattern of the handle. Finally, the last denotes the handle material.

The alphabets following the serial number indicate the handle color or type. The serial number can be looked up from relevant sources to find out the model name of that particular knife. If successful, this will be a way to determine the year when the knife was made.


Reviewing prints like old company catalogs, magazine advertisements and literature inclusions in the box can help identify the creation date of the blade. In most cases, such kinds of literature have attached pictures and information that may help us determine age, model, and manufacture date.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Schrade knives can be dated in various ways. It all depends on the model, brand stamp, and serial number. However, dating a specific knife is not so simple as it requires knowledge about the manufacturing history of Schrade cutlery.

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