How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife

Do you love sushi? Do you enjoy making it yourself? If so, then the best way to make sure that your knife is always sharp and ready to go is by learning how to sharpen a sushi knife.

This post will be a step-by-step guide on the tools you need, the pointers to remember, and the steps to follow in sharpening your blades.

sushi knife


We will need the following materials and tools to be able to sharpen a sushi knife successfully.

  • whetstone (knife sharpening stone)
  • wooden cutting board or mat
  • rags or paper towel to wipe the blade clean and dry

Things to Remember

  • When sharpening, start from the heel of the blade and move towards the tip.
  • Take your time to grind consistently – be sure not to over-sharpen! The process should take between 30 seconds to one minute per side. If you find that it is taking too long, then you are either using too much pressure or you are grinding too hard.
  • The sushi knife is often thinner than other knives. So, take extra care to not use too much pressure and be sure to have the right size whetstone.

Step Number 1. Preparation

Start the process by preparing the knife sharpening stone. Do this by soaking the whetstone in water for at least 20 minutes.

Also, be able to rinse the knife to remove food particles if any.

Step Number Two. Honing

After the brief soak, place the blade of your knife on a cutting board and hold it flat to one side of the sharpening stone with its edge touching both sides of the “V” shape that is carved into it.

A good rule of thumb is to lift the blade about a quarter-inch off the cutting board and then press it back down. Repeat this process until you have honed both edges on each side of your knife, which should take two or three minutes.

Tip: The ideal angle for sharpening the sushi knife is a 20-degree angle.

Step Number 3. Polishing

Once the blade is honed, you’re going to want to move on and polish it. To do this, place your knife edge-down against the stone with its backside facing away from you. Hold the handle of your knife in one hand and use a circular motion to draw it down towards yourself along the length of the whetstone.

Tip: You would know that you polished enough when you can see a light reflection on your blade.

Step 4. Lubricating

Lubricating the blade with a few drops of mineral oil will help to reduce friction and increase sharpness. Also, doing this step will help to protect the blade from rusting.

Step 5. Cleaning Up

After completing the process, make sure to clean up all the materials used. By doing so, you will prevent bacteria from growing on your tools.

Step 6. Storing

To prolong the sharpness of your knife, it is important to store it properly. It should be stored in a clean, dry place away from moisture that may cause rusting.

Using a protective sheet to cover the knife is also a good way to protect it from being scratched.

Final Verdict

The process of sharpening a sushi knife is not too difficult and should take you less than five minutes. With the right tools, anyone can sharpen their own knives in no time.

It is important to keep knives sharp for them to serve their desired purpose effectively and without problems. Remember that your sushi knives just like any other knife needs to be pampered at times. After all, they also deserve a bit of TLC.

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