Is 3cr13 Stainless Steel Good For Knives? (And Is It Your Best Choice)

Many knives tend to be stainless steel whether they are kitchen knives or everyday use. This is because it offers ease of maintenance, resists corrosion, and is highly durable.

This makes stainless steel very popular and you may have encountered the 3cr13 steel. The knife is China-made which can make some people wary of it due to its quality.

However, this steel is very common and many kitchens have had a knife made from it especially if the chefs have used a low-end to mid-range kind of knife. 3cr13 steel lies in this category.

Here, we will be taking a closer look at the steel to learn and get to know more about it. Read on.

Is 3cr13 stainless steel good for knives?

3cr13 stainless steel is good for knives. Its name states clearly what it’s composed of 3 for Carbon and 13 for Chromium. This high percentage of Chromium is what makes it stainless. Steel has to be above 10.5% for it to be considered stainless. The knife is made in China and it’s rather cheap but of good quality. It can hold an edge, has good corrosion, and wear resistance, is easy to sharpen, and its affordability makes it very popular in knife-making circles.

Composition of 3cr13 stainless steel

Knowing the composition of steel is vital so as to know about the components used in it’s making. Each component brings with it a different quality addition to steel making the final product much better.

3cr13 steel

For 3cr13 stainless steel, the elements in it are:

Chromium at 13% – Chromium is in high quantities and it makes the steel hard while enhancing its corrosion and wear resistance. Though it should be noted that a lot of Chromium can reduce the strength of steel.

Manganese at 1% – Manganese enhances hardness and strength.

Silicon at 1% – Silicon is good at improving the strength.

Carbon at 0.35% – Carbon enhances the strength and edge retention of steel.

Nickel at 0.6% – Nickel increases the toughness quality.

Phosphorus at 0.04% – Phosphorus improves strength.

Sulfur at 0.03% – Sulfur will increase machinability but decrease strength.

3cr13 steel hardness

The hardness of steel is measured using a Rockwell scale. For 3cr13, the hardness is around 52 to 55 HRC depending on the heat treatment applied.

Properties of 3cr13 stainless steel

3cr13 steel is on the low-end spectrum of knives and its properties include:

Edge Retention

3cr13 steel has good edge retention considering its low price. Compared to some steels, its edge retention is not commendable but it can still hold an edge.

Corrosion Resistance

3cr13 stainless steel has very good corrosion resistance. It functions quite well even after a considerable amount of use and can take misuse without any problems making it highly durable.


The steel is not very hard and this makes it easy to sharpen. It can be sharpened pretty fast too so if you needed to use it urgently or maybe you are not very good at sharpening, 3cr13 will come in handy.


3cr13 stainless steel is hard but not very hard. This is affected by the fact that it has high machinability.


When it comes to its machinability, this steel is very good. This is because of its sulfur content that reduces its strength and makes it easier to shape.

3cr13 can be made into different shapes making it really reliable for people who prefer specially designed shapes of knives.


3cr13 steel is very tough and that’s one of its best qualities. The components in the steel give it an additional toughness so it does not easily break.

It can undergo a lot of hard use and still retain its blade. Its toughness makes it very popular with knife makers for the making of various types of knives from everyday use to machetes to throw knives.

How well do 3cr13 Steel knives function

As we have seen, the steel is not that bad and it can function when the occasion arises. Knives made from it are great for first-time knife owners who are learning the skills of their craft.

They can be applied for first-timers in the kitchen or some light hunting during the weekends. You can also use them for simple everyday activities like cutting to open things like boxes.

However, if you need high quality, then the knife is not for you. You will be better off investing in higher quality blades if you need a knife for some intense use or survival.

Does 3cr13 steel rust easily?

3cr13 is steel giving it an edge of not rusting fast. Its price would make you think that it wouldn’t resist rust as much.

Though some steels will have better quality than the 3cr13, it will still hold out much longer when it comes to resisting rust. It will not rust easily and will serve its purpose rust-free even if it’s used in high humidity environments.

3cr13 stainless steel alternatives

When it comes to this steel’s alternatives, it is mostly compared to the 420j2 steel. Both sheets of steel are stainless, very affordable, have the same properties, and quality levels.

There are also the earlier versions of the steel: the 1cr13 and the 2cr13. The two carry the same properties as 3cr13, but as usual with improvements, 3cr13 has more strength, and it’s also harder making it better.


The 3cr13 stainless steel is low-end mid-range but it has some good quality for its price. If you are just looking for a knife to serve you in your day to day activities and do not require much from it, then its perfect for you.

It has great corrosion resistance, does not break easily, sharpens easily and fast, and it’s highly affordable. The knife is highly durable and can last quite a while even when used in wet conditions.

There are other better quality steels for heavy knife users, but 3cr13 is still reliable for light knife use.

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