Paragon Knives Must-Knows

Manufacturers of high-quality automatic and manual knives, Paragon is a reputable blade brand.

In this blog post, we will discuss the must-knows of the brand.


As a designer of top knives for decades, Paragon takes great pride in its heritage. Late in 2006, the company ceased producing knives and other products and filed for bankruptcy. Their designs, however, have remained popular to this day.

A knife company with Seki-made blades, automatic knives, and a full series of fixed and folding knives, Paragon did not take long to become a popular business. The recent acquisition by Asheville Steel L.L.C. aims to complete production. Later, it was resurrected like the Phoenix.

Paragon Phoenix offers quality products with the best craftsmanship and materials and is therefore dedicated to excellence.

General Description

A variety of knives are provided by the brand Paragon. It provides mass audiences with an opportunity to experiment with automatic knives. 

The company strives to meet user expectations. It uses the established reputation of its previous brands and aims at creating new standards in quality, making it one of a kind. It also provides an all-around service that amazes customers.

They highlight a flexible blade as their feature. This provides customers with a more comfortable experience in using the knives and thus makes it a user-friendly product. They seek to meet customer needs by keeping them updated on purchases made, which they believe is good for business overall.


Automatic Blade

First and foremost, there is the automatic blade by Paragon Phoenix. The blade runs on the power of its spring pressure as soon as it’s pulled out from the handle. It remains open until you close it manually with your hand. 

Another great quality of this automatic knife is that it has a safety lock. It prevents the blade from accidentally closing or injuring you.

Pocket Knives

Two types of pocket knives by Paragon are available. The first is the “Gut Buster.” It has a long and sharp blade that’s highly capable of skinning and cutting. Meanwhile, the other type is “Rambo III,” an automatic knife for everyday use.

Fixed Blades

Another blade in their collection includes fixed blades, one of which is the “Cut Down.” The blade is a quality piece that can be used for combat, fighting, and tactical purposes.

Folding Blades

The brand also produces folding knives to meet different tastes and uses. The “Leatherneck” is one of such blades. It is compact and light, making it suitable for use in combat or hunting purposes.


Whether these blades are legal or not is dependent on the policies set by the state or country. Therefore, before purchasing one, please make sure you know the legalities of specific places.


Paragon knives are guaranteed to be free of defects and come with a lifetime warranty. If your knife becomes damaged, the company will repair or replace it for you at no cost as long as there is consent from both parties involved.

Damage caused by misuse does not count. But then, if then if the defect is due to wear and tear due to regular use, the warranty will have the repair covered.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Paragon brand is worth a try. It’s reliable and has high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of consumers. With an impressive background, this company has developed unique knives.

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