The Difference Between a Forged and Stamped Knife

A forged knife is a single, solid slice of steel. On the other hand, A stamped knife comes from cutting out sheets of metal with cookie cutters and shaping by tempering it in the fire.

Knives are a staple in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking at home, or professionally, knives are an essential tool for chopping and dicing vegetables, meat, fresh herbs, and more.

This blog post will compare two popular types of knife blades, the forged knife, and the stamped knife so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing a new blade set.

If you’re a knife enthusiast, or if you’ve ever wondered what the differences between these blades are, then this blog post will tell you everything.

Forged vs Stamped Knife


Forged Knives

Forged knives are created by heating and hammering the steel to shape it. This allows for a more durable, sharper blade that will last long. Only a professional and skilled blade maker can create a forged blade.

Stamped Knives

Stamped knives are formed by stamping the steel in a mold. The cost-friendly manufacturing makes them cheaper and more affordable for those on a tight budget.



Forged Knives

Forged knives’ blades are usually made from one piece of metal, which is heated and hammered into the desired shape. The blade’s hardness can be controlled by varying the temperature at which it is forged.

Stamped Knives

On the other hand, stamped knives’ blades are from one or more pieces, which are heated and pressed into the desired shape. Stamped blades often include a bolster to strengthen them but usually do not have as much of an edge because they’re made from multiple parts.


Forged Knives

The scale or handle is often hollowed out from a single piece of metal and then shaped by hammering until it’s thin enough to be comfortable in the hand. A forged knife is also heavier than stamped knives because iron must be heated to very high temperatures before it can undergo forging.

Stamped Knives

Unlike that of its counterpart, the stamped knives’ handle is made from two pieces of metal that are shaped to fit together around a steel liner. The handle’s base, or butt-end, is also thicker than the forged version and often contains an end cap for better balance.


Forged Knives

This type of knife will appear more sleek and sharp. They are made with precision, which also makes them look more professional.

Stamped Knives

The appearance of this type is often rougher. Definitely, this because the process of knife-making is not as precise as its counterpart.

Quality and Durability

Forged Knives

This type of knife will typically have a better edge. They also tend to be more durable and sharper than stamped knives because the process is so much more meticulous.

In terms of durability, this type of knife will not be as susceptible to chips or cracks, even if you’re using it aggressively on hard materials like bone.

Stamped Knives

This type of knife can have blades that are just as sharp and durable as any other kind. However, because this knife’s handle has been manufactured from two separate pieces, it cannot withstand as much heat or wear in comparison with forged knives. The handle may become loose over time and start to wobble.


Forged Knives

The process that creates a forged knife is more expensive because it takes so much skill, precision, and effort. For this reason, these knives tend to be pricier.

Stamped Knives

The process for creating these knives is less expensive, and the cost reflects that. It is for this reason that buyers on a budget often opt for a stamped knife.

Can a stamped knife have a bolster?

Stamped knives are made by punching or pressing out a shape from sheet metal, which is like cutting cookies with scissors. The result is the blade will not be as sharp and durable because it was never subjected to intense heat in order to forge them into its final form.

A forged knife has bolstered on each side of the handle that helps balance its weight and ensures a good grip even if your hands get slippery during use; however, stamped blades do not have this feature so they can feel much lighter when holding one for long periods of time.

Is forged or stamped knives better?

The best knife is usually the one that feels right in your hand. Some people prefer knives with a forged blade, while others like to hold and use stamped blades.

Forged blades are typically harder than stamped ones which makes it more likely for them to retain their edge longer when being used regularly. Keep this fact in mind before making any decisions about what kind of quality you want out of your new knife!

Final Verdict

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for knives is what you plan on using them for. Now that you know the difference between a forged and stamped knife, which will you choose to purchase?

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