What is a Ballistic Knife?

The ballistic knife is a weapon that can shoot the blade at foes from a distance.

In this blog post, we will learn more about these tools, the legalities of having one, and handling must-knows.

Ballistic Knife

Ballistic Knife Defined

People use the term “ballistic knife” to refer to a blade that detaches from the handle. This blade is ejected through a spring-assisted system or compressed air.

Ballistic knives are non-firearm weapons that use kinetic energy to propel the blade out of the handle. They have been around for about four decades, and they are often marketed as knives that shoot instead of stab.

They were designed to be used in combat against enemies. It is deemed as self-defense and a tactical tool.


A civilian is not allowed to own a ballistic knife. In fact, it is considered the most banned knife in the United States. While policies may differ from one state to another, owning a ballistic knife in any state is illegal.

Most states view a ballistic knife as an offensive and deadly weapon, which they do not want civilians to possess. However, some companies make ballistic knives for military and law enforcement purposes.

Knife Features


A detachable blade is the most defining characteristic of a ballistic knife. These blades are often made from stainless steel, and they have serrations on one side.

Ballistic knives can shoot out their blade through compressed air, a spring-assisted system, or a combination of both. They also eject the blade using a trigger mechanism that resembles that of a firearm’s trigger.


The knife’s handle is hollow. The handle is connected to internal parts of the weapon. When inserting, removing, or replacing a blade, all you need to do is twist off the handle.

The handle may also be mounted on an extension that extends from the butt end of the knife. They have finger grooves for better grip and stability during use.

Handle materials vary. Ballistic knives with a spring-assisted system often have handles made from steel or aluminum to increase durability and strength.


Ballistic knives have a trigger mechanism. Pressing the trigger will eject the blade. The trigger is located at the base of the handle or on top of it, depending on how the knife is made.

Compressed Air System

A compressed air system shoots the blade out of its handle. The mechanism uses a compressed gas, which can be either air or a nitrogen tank filled with gases. Some models contain carbon dioxide cartridges for firing their blades.

Knife Handling Pointers

If fortunate enough to have the authority to take hold of this kind of blade, you need to keep the following reminders.

  • You need to check your weapon’s manual before using it. Be sure to follow the instructions, especially on safety and handling precautions.
  • Unless trained, do not use it.
  • Do not use your ballistic knife in a way that is not related to its intended function.
  • You can only shoot them at other humans and objects that pose threat to you.
  • These blades are not made for hunting.
  • Store away from children and unauthorized people.
  • This is a deadly weapon so handle with utmost care.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, knives of this kind are great for self-defense and combat. However, it is not for everyone.

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