What is a Clinch Pick Knife?

The clinch pick knife is a tiny blade that can protect and defend you big time.

In this blog post, we will learn more about this small but incredible blade including its features, usage, pros, cons, maintenance, and legalities.

Clinch Pick Knife

Clinch Pick Knife Defined

A clinch pick knife is a small blade. It is a specific type of a fixed blade specifically designed for self-defense and emergency use. The knife is made for getting into tight spaces and is very sharp on the point. The blase is designed to stay out of sight.

Knife Features


Sandvik 12C27 steel is used to make the blade. This material is known for its excellent edge, hardness with a rating of 61 using the Rockwell scale and durability.

Originally, Clinch Pick knives have a 2- 5/8-inch fixed blade. The blade is single-edged and only the end on the back of the blade has a sharp edge.


The grip of this blade is very unique. It is shaped such that it features an egg-like grip. The blade is placed obliquely so that the bottom part is nearer to you while the top end of it points towards your opponent. This way, when you hold this knife, it becomes very easy to conceal and can be brought out fast for a surprise attack.

The handle is made of G10, making it durable and hard.

The Sheath

This knife was designed to be worn in a sheath at all times thanks to the fact that it is lightweight and portable. The sheath has either Kydex or plastic lining so that it can protect this blade well.

Proper Usage

The blade is worn with the sheath. Ideally, the blade with the sheath must be positioned along the hips. Upon ejecting the knife from the sheath, the edge must face you, with the handle pointing downwards.



These tools have a Rockwell hardness of 61 as mentioned above. This only shows that the blade is quite hard and durable.


It is precisely made so that it would remain razor-sharp for a long time and can retain its edge even after several uses. This means that you can easily cut tough surfaces like rope, plastic, or leather using this knife.


Considering its size and the materials used, it is very portable. It can fit even in little spaces.


Not for Combat

The main disadvantage associated with this knife is that it cannot be used for open combat. In a hand-to-hand fight, the pocketknife is dwarfed by the combat knife.

This knife was designed to protect you from attackers who would try to get close to you but never for you to stage an attack.


After a few uses, this tool should be properly sharpened. It also needs regular oiling to keep it from rusting.


In the US, a majority of states allow the owner of this tool. It is a civilian weapon and is not used by military forces. However, in some states possession is still illegal if it occurs under certain circumstances.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this knife is specifically intended for self-defense or emergency use. It can protect you big time in times of danger.

This blade is proof that size doesn’t really matter. A blade small as the clinch pick knife can save your life.

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