What is a Fortel Knife?

A Fortel is a pocket knife with extraordinary features that comes in two elongated cylinders connected by a ring.

This blog post eyes at providing you with must-knows about this blade.

Fortel Knife


Size and Shape

Fortel knives are long and cylindrical. They measure up to about 20 inches in length and have a diameter of an inch or 1/2-an inch thick, depending on the size and brand of knife you choose. The walls are thinner towards the ends, making it easy to fold them back for use as a weapon.



There are several hidden distinctive elements within the composition, each of which is functional and supportive. By way of example, the blade is actually 7.7 inches long, with the remainder hidden inside the handle. By twisting the knife’s bottom, the lock can be deactivated, and then the handle can be folded to bring the knife’s full length.

As a result, the blade is actually twice as long as it appears to be when detached from the sheath and can be unfolded again to become double in length. Rather than looking like a plain knife, this knife has the appearance of a machete.


You can attach the fork tube to the knife’s bottom to double the handle’s length since the 4.5-inch handle is a bit small for such a long blade. As a result, it can easily be held like a sword.


The device consists of two elongated cylinders connected via a metallic ring in the middle. In one cylinder, there is a fixed blade located on the handle, while in the other, two prongs are acting like a fork. As a result, you get a knife and fork set.

For backpackers and campers, the Fortel knife offers a good option for both cutting power and eating utensils in one convenient package.

More so, this knife that was developed by Atroposknife features a tube design with a locking mechanism. The only way to unlock it is to turn both cylinders in the opposite direction. In addition, the lock is quite secure, so you don’t have to worry about the tubes inadvertently turning while the knife isn’t in use.



This blade can handle a variety of jobs whether indoors or outdoors. It is a tool that cuts and slices different kinds of foods such as meat, fish, or vegetables. It can also be used to chop rope, carve wood, and other tough materials.

Most importantly, it can serve as a self-defense weapon to protect you from an assailant.


The Fortel pocket knife is compact as well as convenient. It easily fits into your purse or even your pants pocket, meaning that it is perfect for all of those on-the-go people who always need their tools with them at all times.


The blade is made from hard steel that can stay sharp without rusting or chipping, and it won’t become brittle at low temperatures. Rockwell hardness of 60 means you get a long-lasting knife with each purchase.


The Fortel knife is not your average pocket knife. It may be pricey, but it provides features that will make you reconsider the price tag- like a sharp blade and easy-to-use handle for one-handed operation.

Final Verdict

The Fortel knife is a dependable blade that can handle any job. Although it comes with a high price tag, this investment will help you defend yourself from danger as well as save your life when needed most.

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