What is a Gravity Knife?

A gravity knife is a small tool whose folded blade is released by hand motion and the force of gravity.

We will talk more about this tool, its features, functions, and mechanism in this blog post.

Gravity Knife


The gravity knife was primarily designed to aid paratroopers and crew members of airplanes in freeing themselves from their parachute cords. These knives were introduced in Germany during World War II.

Due to their jump height, German paratroopers could sometimes get tangled in their parachutes during the war. Almost all knives used in that time required two hands to open. These knives were difficult to use in this situation so a knife that could be opened with a single hand was designed.

The German air force made the first gravity knife in 1937 and it was called Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer. Later, the allied soldiers introduced these blades to the US and the UK. They called these knives gravity knives.

Gravity Knife Basics

General Description

The primary purpose of this knife’s structure is to allow the user to release folded blade with just one hand. Consequently, it can be easily opened with just a wrist flip when the other hand is busy.


These blades are multi-functional. They can be used as a utility knife that can aid users in doing home tasks. More so, it can be a great tool for self-defense.

More so, outdoor enthusiasts also value these knives due to a lot of things that can be done with them. These blades are often used as an alternative for pocket knives. They can easily cut ropes and cords, carve wood and remove splinters as well as other common functions of a pocketknife.


Releasing the Blade

A blunt, spear-point blade is folded into a steel frame that fits into the wooden handle. To engage the blade into the frame, a user would need to flip up one of the locks on one side. Using the force of gravity, the blade opens.

Locking Blade in Place

Drawing the blade with a backhand flick is made possible. More so, turning the lever back locks the blade into place.

Closing the Blade

Closing the blade requires just as little effort as opening it. Flipping the switch will loosen the blade’s lock. Release the switch to ensure that the blade is kept steady and unmoved inside the wooden handle.



The blades of gravity knives are made out of carbon steel. This material is a good choice for the knives since they don’t corrode easily when exposed to water or oxygen and they can endure great impact without breaking apart.

Also, blades made of carbon steel are less susceptible to rusting and chipping.


Gravity knives usually come with wooden handles. These handles are often made out of oak, walnut, or maple wood.

Wooden handles allow the user to grip it more easily than if it has a plastic handle. They can also be stained with colors to match other tools and add visual appeal to them.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism enables one-hand use as well as keeps the blade in place when closed. All resistance stops movement thereby ensuring that no opening can take place.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, gravity knives are multi-functional knives that are worth investing in. Whether you are a home buddy who loves to do home tasks or an outdoor lover who loves camping, this tool will always come in handy.

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