What is a Seax Knife?

Seax or sax knife is a widely used dagger during ancient times by North European tribes. They are great tools that until today, they remain famous and sellable. 

In this blog post, we will learn more about this legendary tool. 

Seax Knife

Seax Knives Defined

This blade originates from Saxons, a group of Germanic people. The original seax knives were made from bronze and iron.

They are known for their characteristic appearance as they have no binding or hilt. When this knife is sheathed, it has only one side which indicates the edge of its blade. This allows for a narrower profile that was an everyday knife.

It was a knife that can be used for hunting, fighting, and other purposes.


In the olden times, seax knives were also used for food preparation. Its design allows one to cut meat easily because of its acute blade angle.

Today, blades of this kind are best for the outdoors like camping. Due to its nature, it is often used by just anyone as a hunting and self-defense tool.



A characteristic that sets these knives apart from others is a single cutting edge.

The typical seax knife comprises a single-edged blade that curves slightly towards the tip. The cutting edge had been ground so that all sides are smooth and flat


These blades feature a whittle or rat-tail tang. They usually come without a bolster or pommel. It is in the centerline of the blade. Usually, it’s inserted into an organic hilt.


In ancient times, the blade is attached to a handle made out of wood or horn. The handle is usually long enough to wrap with leather, cord, or wire.

Present-day manufacturers make use of other materials in their places such as antler, ivory, walrus tusk, or bone. Others even use horns, wood, and metal.

In terms of shape, there are two different types. One is the single segment where the handle is basically a single piece that extends from pommel to point. The other one is the complex multiple segments where it has two or more pieces.



Their blade is small enough that it can fit well within a pouch carried by travelers or hunters. They are easy to carry anywhere since it weighs a little bit. You are guaranteed to feel safe when roaming around the streets armed with this tool.


Seax knives have been popular among hunters as well as those who live in woods and mountains since they are useful in all kinds of activities such as butchering, skinning, fighting, and foraging. It has been used by ordinary people even today because it is a versatile tool that can be used for almost anything one can think about.

Aesthetically Appealing

Many brands who produce this knife ensure that they are highly decorative. In fact, the ancient ones are highly decorative prestige pieces designed with complicated welding patterns, fullers, and silver, copper, or gold inlays.  


This tool is known to be inexpensive. It is very cheap when compared with other types of knives.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, seax knives are great tools that you can have as it is easy to use, portable, and can solve a survival problem. To a knife collector, taking hold of an ancient blade that has a long history will surely be an interesting experience.

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