What Type of Knife Did Crocodile Dundee Use?

The knife used in the Crocodile Dundee films is a Bowie or hunting knife.

In this blog post, we will discuss the fun facts of this blade. Eventually, let us decide if we need one for ourselves.

Dundee Knife

Bowie Knife Defined

Bowie knives are hunting knives. Bowie knives were named after James Bowie, who invented the original “Bowie knife” that he used in a famous duel. This thick-bladed knife was designed to be used for hunting.

Making of the Dundee Knife

The John Bowring knife was commissioned by the Crocodile Dundee film studio and made for Mick “Crocodile” Dundee. He was created by an Australian gunsmith

Bowring was approached by the producers of the movie Crocodile Dundee. He was requested to make an original knife for the protagonist named Dundee. Of course, Bowring accepted the deal and created the Dundee knife.



The blade has an appearance similar to that of a sword but a shorter version. The blade in the movie is between 6 and 10 inches long and is about 2 inches wide. 

All blades of this kind have a brass guard. This is used mainly to deflect the blows of an attacker. Typically, the end of the guard is upward while the tip is big, sharp, and highly imposed.

However, the one used in the movie is a bit far from usual. The Dundee knife has a half-length brass guard which faces downward instead of pointing up. More so, the blade of the Dundee knife has deep grooves.


The handle of the blade is made from wood. In the movie, the knife handle isn’t wooden. Instead, it is made out of twine or strands of leather.


The sheath was created with leather made by a local leatherworker from Melbourne. The sheath is worn on the actor’s right side and carries a design that says “Bow River”. It was said that the sheath used in the movie was worn on his right side because he is a left-handed person.


In the realistic sense, hunting knives are used to skin the animals that were hunted. However, the Bowie knife is more famous for its use in combat.

Today, this versatile blade has preserved its original purpose – hunting. Aside from that, Bowie knives are also used as a collector’s item and weapons of self-defense. It can be used for everyday chores or as a tool for survival.



Hunting knives are usually made out of one of the following steel. Hence, durability is the main factor to consider when choosing one of these blades. Bowie knives have tapered edges that run from the tip down to the handle.


Hunting knives are not just for hunting. It can be used for chopping, skinning, carving, and other daily activities. It also doubles as a weapon which is why it has great features that will help you in an encounter.

Note: Hunting knives are readily available in the market. However, no company mass produces the Crocodile Dundee knife. Rumors say that Bowring made the famous knife available to a few. If rumors are true, then these knives must be very rare, valuable, and difficult to obtain.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Crocodile Dundee knife is the ultimate Hollywood knife. It is a star on itself.

Although the original pieces are almost impossible to obtain, there are a lot of hunting knives available in the market which may be just as good as the Dundee knives. Surely, the blades will give you the worth of your money and beyond.

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