Knife Steel

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How Good is CPM 154 Steel?

The CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) steel comes in different variations including CPM 154. It is common steel especially in the knife-making industry but how effective is it? Well, in this article we dive into details surrounding the CPM 154 steel. How Good is CPM 154 Steel? The CPM 154 steel is good steel with good …

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What is AEB-L Steel?

Originating in Europe, this steel type came into existence through the hands of Bohler-Uddeholm in the form of a razor blade. The chemical composition of AEB-L steel is identical to that of the Swedish Sandvik steel type.  This AEB-L steel is hard-wearing and can resist heat. It is feasible to support the functions of a …

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Is ATS 34 Steel Good For Knives?

Due to advancements in manufacturing industries, a combination of different elements results in useful materials. Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, has its presence in almost every industry. One such useful accessory found in every household is a knife. Although there are different materials used in the manufacturing of knives, steel is the most …

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